Dreamforce 2013.

when my company did most of the graphics for the 2013 Dreamforce they gave us a couple of conference passes so a few of us went and saw the Mark Benioff keynote which just so happened to feature none other than Huey Lewis and the news, Sean Penn, the Prime Minister of Haiti, some random sports illustrated model and of course Marc Benioff. the event was so packed that even tho I got there almost 45 minutes before the keynote, the only reason they let me into the -already completely packed auditorium – was that I lied and said I worked for the press. The night after the Keynote, Salesforce put on a huge concert at AT&T Park for invited conference attendees, featuring Blondie and Green Day. They even opened all the bars and restaurants in AT&T Park up as an all-you-can-eat buffet which lead to an awesome drunk, very rainy, concert. Green Day were amazing, despite the weather being awful and water ruining all the sound equipment forcing Billie Joe to sing with no microphone or instrument, relying on the audience to sing his songs. As Green Day were the headliners Blondie managed to get through her entire set before the rain set in and did a really good job, sticking only to the most popular hits so despite the super shitty and awful weather, overall a phenomenal evening filled with garlic fries and other stadium food and booooose. mahalo.


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