Doritos – Fluffy’s Revenge.

So last minute, me and some friends decided that for our annual Doritos Crash the Superbowl challenge, we were gonna do “Fluffys Revenge” … remember that winning submission with the cat and the dog from 2012?..

Anyways, so within a few days we scrambled together an animal trainer, 2 sphynx cats, a full production crew in LA,(yes, it does help to work in the advertising industry and have pretty much everything available to you within arms reach… ) a DP, 2 Red Cams and a friendly persons house to shoot in.

went from San Francisco to LA and did a 1 night shoot, went back to San Francisco to Edit and do the Visual Effects shots and wrap the whole production within 4 days, total. I really do believe not having to deal with client inputs and “suggestions” helps speed up any production schedule tremendously.

aaanyways, that’s plenty of rambles, have a look at our final piece, I added a little VFX breakdown at the end.

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