Travel blog. First stop New Orleans

Soooo very very long story short, I had a 1500$ travel voucher from united airlines that had to be used before May 1. And due to my visa situation my lawyer recommended that I didn’t leave the country at this particular time.. So how do you spend 1500$ on domestic flights?! Surprisingly easy actually.. First stop. New Orleans:
Coming from San Francisco I had a hard time with the insane humidity and heat. I arrived to New Orleans at midnight and and checked in to a newly started hostel called the Auberge Nouvelle run but a super friendly guy named Rob, I arrived at 1am and Rob took me right to the local bar where we were doing Jameson shots and pints till 5am. Being used to the California 2am laws it came as a chock that not only can bars stay open all night, you can freaking drink in the streets?! And so we did. Next morning, needless to say incredibly hungover I got up at 9am and took a to the French quarter which was about 7 minutes away from where I was staying. Went and took some pictures at one of the famous cemeteries and then went and found a Resturant that promised endless local and glorious soul food. Figured that since I only had a good 36 hours in New Orleans if skip the bacon and eggs and jump straight to the Soul food so for breakfast I had Charbroiled Oysters, Redfish Beighnets and Gumbo.

20140428-222949.jpgThe food was incredible.
After breakfast I wandered the French quarter and most of downtown NOLA and took pictures of everything like I do.

That evening Rob and myself ended up going out yet again, did I mention that New Orleans is a hell of a party town? We ended up staying up untill I had to leave for the airport at 5 in the morning. God this flight is going to suck. Next stop DC

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