This is Washington, DC

So, Due to a quickly approaching deadline on a 1500$ United Flight voucher, I decided to take a trip around the US and see a few places I normally wouldn’t get to see and in retrospect, places I think everyone who live in the US should at one point visit. On this journey on mine, Washington, DC obviously was on the list. I got there at the absolute worst possible time; the second I touch down I get a “flood warning” message on my phone and we’re off to the races. It rained CONSTANTLY, for the 3 and a half days I was there (as the pictures reflect)

Day 1: I walked towards the Washington Monument which was under construction.. annoying.. this thing is Freaking MASSIVE by the way, I did not see that coming. After that I went to the Lincoln Memorial and the Reflection Pool and the WW2 Memorial. The reflection pool was also under construction.. great. Lastly I walked to the White house and stood among hundreds of tourist and not so secret, secret service agents and looked and the rather under whelming White House.

Day 2: I walked in pouring rain to the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural history, Holding my massive camera under my umbrella at a safe height in order to avoid too much water damage. I loved the Smithsonian so I spend a good 4 hours wandering around this massive place. Afterwards I was going to go to the Air and Space museum which was second on my To-Do list for Washington, however I got sidetracked by the “National Archives” building right across the street from the National History Museum so I decided to delay the Air and Space museum and go there instead. There was no line because of the pouring monsoon rain, I hear that’s an absolute miracle and that normally you have to stand in line for hours to get in. I really enjoyed getting to see the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence and all that jibber jabber the United States is founded upon and there’s something magical about looking at really old stuff like that. Lastly I went to see Capitol Hill and take a picture, nothing too remarkable there.

Day 3: I finally managed to go to the Smithsonian Air and Space museum which was freaking Awesome! I mean, C’mon, NASA stuff! and A LOT of it! Awesome! I managed to catch one of their IMAX movies while I was there which was a journey through the cosmos. This was very cool despite a bit of confusion in the Stereoscopic. After the Air n Space museum I went to the Newseum which caught my attention as I walked by the day before after having gone to Capitol Hill. What caught my attention was the newly opened “Picture of the year” gallery, best photographs from 2013. despite having seen most of these pictures online, as a photographer I figured it was something I had to see. The Newseum is a collection of all news related pictures and front pages through the ages and is really very remarkable. They have a giant chunk of the Berlin Wall as you walk in and one of the first things you see is the Antenna from the World Trade Center, with every single newspaper front page from the day after 9/11 on the wall behind it, enough to give even the coldest soul a bit of a chill down their spine – Especially as the entire Antenna is completely mangled despite being made of cast iron.. just crazy. The exhibit at Newseum that stunned me the most was the “Pulitzer price winning Photographs through the ages” exhibits. This was just amazing. Every single Pulitzer price winning photograph, with the story behind the picture along with sometimes the camera used to shoot the picture. Many of these pictures I’ve seen before but for the most part, I didn’t know the entire story behind the picture, so I spend a good 2 hours reading all the little back stories next to each image.

The next day I left my hotel early, Went to a cafe where I sat with a hot cup of coffee and took pictures of people fighting the rain.

Cant wait to go back to DC.!





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