So sometime last year I decided to fly to New Orleans for roughly 24 hours because…. why not.. I had never been before and figured it was a place to see at least once. I could have probably spent a lot longer there, but roughly 24 hours was all i had time for unfortunately. I did manage to eat everything local which in my book was the most important accomplishment one could have from New Orleans and I’ll have to admit that it’s the first time I’ve been served Grits that didn’t make me wanna use it as glue in my next Arts n Crafts project. So on the food front, I must admit it was just redicilously amazing, and I wish i had longer. That being said. the weather was unbearable. it was 110 degrees with 500% humidity which is not something I’m used to and it was awful.

Anyways, like I said I was only there for about 24 hours so there’s only so much I can write about the place and at this point I think I’ll just add a few of the pictures I took and call it a day, untill next time.. Maybe in a few thousand years with the climate change and all that, If I go in december it’ll be more comfortable.





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