Time to Learn Photography All Over Again

I’ve been waiting a Leica camera since forever. I remember my dad had one.  It’s not till recently however I decided that it’s actually something I might invest in because I always figured they were just ridiculously overpriced. On top of that I’ve also been very interested in getting back into shooting film  because I think there’s something exciting about not knowing what the result will be until you develop it later and each type of 35mm film has it’s own unique look which makes it interesting and special. There’s no instant redo’s, no instant gratification and photography therefore becomes much more of a “Craft”

I thought about buying a Leica MP-240 for a while, but as for Leica with any other digital body, they’re so frequently updated that I would feel bad spending thousands on a digital body that would be worth a fraction of what I paid for it only months or a year later – so I finally decided to buy a film body in the hope that it would at least hold it’s value – somewhat. It seems kinda like buying a car. If I buy the latest and greatest MP-240 with all the bells and whistles it will loose a lot of value, quickly. however with the MP, I know there will never be a better, faster, stronger version because this is the end of the line. For that reason (and the fact I couldn’t the new price) I decided to buy a certified used MP  in the hope that eventually it will turn into a Vintage 67 Camaro SS. I went to a Leica certified dealer in New York  (skip the CA tax whenever possible) and ended up getting a GREAT deal on this Leica MP + Summilux-m ASPH 1:1.4 50mm lens. I was originally going to buy a M6 body but after having held the MP I knew there could be only one.

One of the main factors for choosing to go back to film was that everyone I spoke to and read about who had done it, said it brought the “joy back into photography” which I think makes it worth every single penny. Not that photography isn’t enjoyable – but you know what I mean. Anyways, that’s enough rambles – It’s time to go learn photography all over again – time to go take some pictures and make some mistakes. Stay tuned, I’ll post my learnings and findings.

Finally; Here’s a picture of my beautiful new toy, along with some of the film I bought to try out. Which one’s your favorite and why?




Leica MP + SUMMILUX-M 1:1.4 50MM ASPH

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