So after having put my first film through the Leica MP quickly just to try and shoot something and see how the mechanics of the thing works I figured I had this thing all figured out so I put in another roll. (Kodak 400TX BW)

The first roll of film ran through the camera fine, rewound no problem and everything seemed dandy.

I walked into town to take some pictures and found myself among a group of extra crazy homeless people and managed to get what I thought would be a few awesome shots for my collection. After having spend several hours I had finished the 36 exposures and went back home, excited to develop my findings. I started rewinding the film, but it came to a holt almost instantly, which I didn’t understand so I started googling without any success. I knew that by opening up the camera before it was rewound, it would all be ruined – but there’s really nothing I could do to rewind the thing more. I went through the manual and made sure I had done everything the right way and last time it didnt seem to give me any problems.

So I finally decided to open up the camera since I didn’t really have any other choice only to find that the film itself, hadn’t snagged on to the winder in the first place and it was still completely unused. This means I had spend the last day shooting blanks so to speak.

after being upset for a while, I started looking at google and found Ken Rockwell’s review of the MP and learned that the 2 little red dots, indicated whether or not the film in the camera was actually loaded correctly – which makes perfect sense now that I see it – but what an expensive learning lesson. Leica 1, Adam 0.

Let’s try this one more time.


Written by adamoe

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