The Chinese Card Game Kunundrum

My favorite thing to do on Saturdays is to walk through Chinatown in san francisco and take pictures of all the people playing cards and Chinese checkers. Once a game is over they all whip out their wallets and throw dollar bills at each other and best of all Is they usually don’t mind me taking pictures of them. This is shot on my Leica Mp with #summilux asph 1.4 50mm lens and Kodak film.


Written by adamoe

My name is Adam. I'm a Photographer, Designer, Creative Director, Pretend film maker, Storyteller and coffee drinker. I like to laugh and watch kittens do adorable people things on youtube. I take pictures of pretty much anything and everything and put them on my blog. thanks for stopping by and dont forget to subscribe and leave a note, read my blog and follow my everyday do do's.
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