Yahoo Flourish.

This is a project I did for Yahoo in 2013. I was the creative lead on the project and handeled everything from concepting to boards to the heavy lifting 3D work and I had a Houdini Artist help me create the liquid effects. Yahoo came to us for a lobby teaser for their New York office and told us to come up with “something cool” in only 3 weeks total so I went on to create Style frames which can be seen here:

They came back and said they liked the organic feel of the blobs, but didn’t like the idea of “shattering” the blobs, because they didn’t want to associate Yahoo with anything that “shatters” which is understandable. I then suggested that we had the blobs splat like paint splatters,  from which flowers grew and flourished into the Yahoo brand. They loved this idea and after some flower concept work, production could begin.

These are some of the frames from the project, here’s the project in its entirety:

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