Immigration is Broken.

Immigration in this country is Broken.
I walk by the Citizenship and Immigration services every day on my way to work in San Francisco and I’ve seen lines of people in foot chains being escorted into busses with blacked out windows by ICE agents with Assault rifles.

Last week there was a demonstration outside their office so I ran into the middle of it and snapped this picture. It’s incredible to me that a country that is build by immigrants have such a hatred for immigrants and it’s so difficult even for people like myself to maintain a legal status despite having gone to university here and worked here for almost 10 years.

I’ not saying to open the borders and make it a free for all, but America is limiting it’s own development by denying even the most educated people their right to work.

Obama had the right idea with the Dream Act, but it still hasnt been implemented correctly.

This picture is shot with Leica MP + Summilux ASPH 1.4 50mm + Kodak TriX Black and White Film.

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