3D Doodles

a mix of 3D / Design exploration I do mostly in my spare time that aren’t necessarily tied to a project.

Another afternoon doodle. C4D/Redshift. Soap Bubbles suspended between barbed wire. not sure why.


This one is done using MASH in Maya along with substance painter and was a test mostly to learn how to use Substance Painter. rendered using Redshift.

Another Redshift test which was actually used for a project where we had to create a 360 environment for VR / Oculus.

Another Substance Painter and Redshift test in Maya. quickly hand animated some cubes just to add a little excitement to it. 16 2K textures, 3 Area lights + a dome light. Rendered in 30seconds – 3 minutes/frame @ 1080. Man I love Redshift.


Another test using MASH in Maya, did this prior to a project for Autodesk in which I had to demo MASH, rendered using vRay.



How does a Rubics Cube really work? I dont know – and i’ve never been able to solve one so there has to be some form of advanced robotics science going on in there. Here’s my take on it. All parts are made in Maya, hand animated and rendered using VRay. (Made this Mid 2014)

I have no idea how this came to be – I had to make some “office props” for a project and they ended up never being used and this was right when I first started learning vRay (circa 2013-14), so I thought I would at least render them.



… many more to come, I make these when I have time between projects


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