The Salt Flats

I don’t take landscape pictures. I think it’s boring. I like looking at other peoples landscape photography but generally speaking, I feel there’s no “emotional impact” when I look at a landscape picture so I refrain from doing it myself.. That being said, I was at the Salt Flats outside Salt Lake City, and was amazed to see miles of white in 110 degree weather. it was so surreal and I kept trying to think of a way to take a picture that wasn’t boring and sterile – this is what I came up with.. after a little bit of photoshop love.

Shot w/ Leica M240 + Summilux 35 1.4 ASPH. Edited in Lightroom.

Written by adamoe

My name is Adam. I'm a Photographer, Designer, Creative Director, Pretend film maker, Storyteller and coffee drinker. I like to laugh and watch kittens do adorable people things on youtube. I take pictures of pretty much anything and everything and put them on my blog. thanks for stopping by and dont forget to subscribe and leave a note, read my blog and follow my everyday do do's.
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